Lighted Cake Stands by The Knock Shoppe

Patented Lighted Display
With our lighted cake stands, your cake will be the center of attention. Instead of people asking, "Where's the cake?" people will be saying, "Wow... Look at the cake!".
All Night Decor
After you've eaten your delicious cake and your shoes have come off your tired feet, our cake stands will still be shining elegantly all night long.
Made in America
We manufacture our cake stands out of quality materials right here in The United States of America.

Our Popular Cake Stands


Our popular cake stands are proven designs that have been seen and loved at thousands of weddings worldwide. 

Tiffany was our first design to be featured full page in Bridal magazine. Antoinette is our most extravagant and versatile design; able to display anywhere from 3 to 11 cakes. 

You just can't go wrong with these designs.

Josiane & Sam Australia

"The wedding's reception was just perfect...  The cake stand was the centre of attention and heaps of people were taking photos of each other while standing next to it."

"The Knock Shoppe lighted cake stands greatly enhance all the wedding cakes we make... We’ve been in the wedding cake business for 20 years and have found that the Knock Shoppe's lighted cake stands make all the difference in the world."

Our New Chandelier Cake Stands

Introducing our new chandelier wedding cake stands. They're inspired by Victorian style chandeliers and are designed to bring luxury wedding cakes to the next level.

Our favorite is Leeza, a battery operated 3 tiered cake stand with two plates and a center pillar. Her sparkling gems will catch your eye from across the room and attract everyone's camera lens.

Achieve a luxury wedding with our chandelier cake stands.



Aurora - Chandelier Cake StandAurora

About The Knock Shoppe

Joanne's Elegant Wedding Cakes

Joanne Knoch has been traveling the midwest displaying her beautiful wedding cakes since 1984.

As a cake decorator, there was a problem that followed her everywhere she went.

There wasn't an elegant way to display the wedding cakes she spent hours to make.

Through trial and error, Joanne developed and patented the lighted cake display system you see today.

Now Joanne and her husband, John, design and develop new cake stands while traveling nationwide to wedding expos illuminating cakes everywhere.

Our Cascading Cake Stands

Our cascading cake stands are perfect for displaying multiple cakes separately.

Each cake sits on their own plate and pedestal making it easy to remove when it's time to serve.