Aurora - Chandelier Cake Stand


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Some benefits of using our patented lighted cake stands include:

  • All-Night Decor
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use and
  • Unmatched Elegance

Aurora is a chandelier cake stand and is inspired by victorian chandeliers to achieve maximum elegance. Aurora can display 3 cakes, serving 186 people.

View our wedding cake serving chart.

All Night Decor

With our wedding cake stands, you can have your cake and eat it too. When it’s time to eat the cake, simply remove it from the stand leaving the flowers, candles, lights, and fountain behind.

Instead of leaving behind a dark unattractive corner where the cake used to be, you have elegant decor to light up the room and be at the center of attention all night long.

American DurabilityJohn Standing on Wedding Cake Stand

Our cake stands are proudly made by our family, right here in America. We only use the finest American made acrylic and never settle for cheap Chinese alternatives.

Our cake stands are so strong that John uses them as a step without thinking twice.

Easy To Use

Designed with feedback from both brides and cake decorators, our cake stands are easy to setup, easy to take down, and easy to clean. We ship them mostly assembled and include instructions that detail everything you need to know about putting the rest of it together.

When the night is over, it’s easy to clean. The cake plates catch most of the frosting and are easily washed by hand.

Unmatched Elegance

Our system makes the question, “Where’s the cake?!” unheard of. Instead, people’s jaws will drop and they’ll be telling each other “Wow… Look at the cake!”.

You choose the color, flowers, and individual cake designs with your cake decorator and our display system will make them stand out and remembered forever.

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Renting a Cake Stand

Whether you’re a bride planning your wedding or a cake decorator looking to try out our system, renting a cake stand is a cost effective way to use our cake stands. You’ll have the cake stand arrive at your door 2 days before the wedding and we ask that you have it shipped back within a couple days after the wedding.

Price of Renting a Cake Stand

For renting a cake stand we charge 20% of the total purchase price plus a 3% handling fee.

We also require a deposit or hold for the remaining 80% until we receive the cake stand back.

Discount on Cake Stand Purchase

If the cake decorator decides to buy the cake stand after the wedding, we will deduct the 20% rental fee from your purchase as a way to try our system before buying it.

Learn more about our cake stand rentals.

Buying a Cake Stand

Buying a cake stand is an investment that never fails to bring joy to a bride’s face. By allowing your cake designs to stand out from across room while providing a greater range of options for your customers, our elegant cake display system will continue to exceed expectations for years.


Our cake stands are versatile by allowing you can add to and take away from designs as needed in order to customize for a particular design or for a particular size of wedding. Mix and match pieces from different designs or buy an extra stand or quad separately to make something truly unique.

Referral Business

Cake decorator that buy a cake stand have the option to be added to our decorator search tool allowing you to gain a competitive edge and customer leads through our website, at no additional cost.

What's Included

  • 1 –  9″ quad
  • 1 – 9″ quad light disk
  • 1 – 13″ halo with
  • 2 – strings of wheat lights
  • 1 – 18″ fountain quad
  • 1 – 18″ mirrored skirt riser
  • 1 – fountain quad light disk
  • 2 – 7″ cascade top plates
  • 2 – 7″ cascade light disks
  • 6 – 9″ cascade top plates
  • 6 – 9″ cascade light disks
  • 2 – 22″ single pillars
  • 2 – 15.5″ single pillars
  • 2 – 9″ single pillars
  • 2 – 2.5″ single pillars
  • 8 – base plates (moon cut)
  • 7.5 – yards of iridescent fabric

What’s Not Included

Please call (608) 492-2253 to purchase these personalized items:

The Heavenly Shower electric cake top,

First Dance Couple figurines